Get Advanced Protection With MVX- Anti Microbial Coating!

MVX, simply put, is a coat that creates an invisible transparent layer of less than 1 Micron in thickness (called optical thin film). This optical thin film layer adheres to the surfaces in a special manner, and functions to destroy microorganisms that fall on that coated surface.

The layer is durable for long term usage and protection against germs and microbes of all kinds. There are various characteristics of this anti microbial spray, which include the following:

Features of the MVX Anti Microbial Coating

Continuous Surface Protection

Microorganisms can contaminate surfaces at any time, which is why MVX Antimicrobial coat is required because of its long-lasting effects.

Environmental Friendly

MVX follows an environment-friendly approach and provides the most ecologically safe solutions for the customers. While all the MVX antimicrobial products remove microorganisms, they do not harm the environment in any way, making sure it is free from harmful aerosols.


Anti Mold Properties

Dust and mold are a serious concern, which can trap millions of bacterial and viral organisms, deteriorating the quality of air. Therefore the MVX microbial spray comes with an anti-mold technology, that keeps indoors and outdoors secured long after you have sprayed the product.

Microorganism Growth Prevention

MVX’s anti-microbial formula not only makes it an effective solution against removing microorganisms but also helps prevent the re-growth of these harmful microorganisms for an extensive period. This contributes to its excellent performance.

Silver Zelolite Protection You Need: How it Works?

The MVX anti-microbial spray reacts when released in the open under light or moisture. The formula produces active radicles that remove all kinds of microorganisms and prevent their re-growth. The formula damages the microbial DNA and cell membrane to eliminate it from the roots, ensuring long-term protection against infections.

The MVX Antimicrobial spray works on several surfaces including ceramic, steel etc. The spray works on textile materials as well, making it ideal for disinfecting hospital sheets, class rooms, and offices. You can find the full details of our surface testing here.

Furthermore, the product cleared all tests for JIS, BS, ISO standards for 4, 6, and 8 hours and in dark, making it one of the most efficient anti-microbial protection options available. The Titanium coating in the spray also ensures long lasting protection against organisms.

Unique High-Performance Technology

Environmentally friendly topcoat designed to prevent growth of harmful Microorganisms with excellent performance, wash ability and durability properties.

All Surface Cleaner

You can use the MVX Antimicrobial coating when surface hygiene is required. This includes all types of surfaces & materials based on immobilized silver zeolite matrix to keep your commercial spaces clean.

Viruses and bacteria are a serious concern for public places, and the danger elevates greatly if you consider high population density places like schools, hospitals, offices, meeting areas, etc. It is a major reason why you should get your MVX Anti Microbial treatment today. You will need special equipment to spray our antimicrobial on your surface.


Protect all indoors and outdoors against microbial build up with MVX Anti Microbial properties, guaranteed to provide protection against all sorts of microorganisms.

MVX-Anti Bacterial

End bacteria dwelling in your commercial spaces with MVX’s anti bacterial spray formulated to fight growth and re-growth of bacteria of all kinds.

MVX Anti –Mold

Mold build up causes bacteria and dust to get trapped in commercial spots almost immediately. Buy the MVX spray with Anti-mold properties to prevent mold build up in your commercial spaces. Our advanced formula has a thickness of 1 micron helping it reach even the smallest nook and corners.


MVX Anti-Smell

Having issues with bad smell in your home? Let MVX anti-smell spray take charge and put an end to all your problems right away. The advanced formula targets smell causing particles and provides a fresher environment to commercial spaces.

MVX-Anti Dirt

The anti-dirt properties of the MVX coating prevents dirt build up from forming in corners and keeps the places clean for a longer period.

What Makes MVX Special?

While most of the cleaning options out in the market claim EPA approval for safety against germs, they may not be the best option. You may also find some brands that are anti bacterial and claim killing viruses.

While these characteristics are true to some degree, the organic or alcohol-based formula in these cleaners often does not last long. Because of this, the mixture evaporates off any surface. However, unlike these other brands, MVX is a long term solution to hygiene that does the job even after months of spraying it around.

MVX Anti Microbial Coat: What Surfaces does it protect?

The MVX anti microbial spray is an all in one solution for all kinds of surfaces and bacteria in your commercial spaces. While the spray works on almost every surface, they work especially well on ceramic surfaces.

The spray also works well with fabrics like hospital clothing, dining napkins, and others, which have microbial exposure. Moreover, the spray is safe for outdoor and indoor applications, proving to be a must have for everyone

Ease of Use

MVX Hi Tech has designed the MVX anti microbial spray for enhanced protection in the simplest way possible. All you have to do is spray it around the surface you want to protect and let it sit there for a while. Users can wipe the microbial surface and get cleaner surroundings right away.

Odor Remover

The MVX anti microbial spray fights marks, build-up, and an odor that comes with wet surfaces. It will ensure your interiors stays fresh and open to the public without making them uncomfortable. MVX Hi Tech has developed the formula using human-friendly composition, making it an eco-friendly product.

Stain and Streak Remover

MVX anti microbial spray leaves no marks or streaks behind, ensuring that your interiors stay clean even after days. It also avoids further microbial production and ensures your commercial spots remain free from germs.

Get Enhanced Protection with MVX Anti Microbial today!

MVX anti microbial spray is the best option for users who are looking for an all in one solution against bacteria infestations. Getting our anti microbial treatment will ensure your commercial spaces like hospitals, schools and offices have the best possible protection against bacteria.

However, you will need to get the spraying essentials separately before you apply our formula. Ensure reaching out to us for more info on your next anti-microbial spray today. We would love to help you out in making your commercial working spaces safer against microbial and viral infections.