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MVX Antimicrobial

Anti Dirt Sprays: Why Invest in Them?

Dirt is a serious problem for open areas and locations that aren’t in the house. You can use it in your commercial spaces whether it’s a factory that has been out of order, a hotel that’s been shut down for renovation, or simply a service provider trying to manage an empty warehouse.

There is always a chance that there is going to be a lot of dirt and dust built up in the indoors and all over the building.

The logical way to handle this problem is to ensure proper and frequent cleaning. However, having enhanced protection against germs, bacteria, and viruses requires a longer-lasting coating. MVX hi tech is a name that has been working in the coating and sanitation industry for quite some time and has helped commercial setups stay hygienic.

They have introduced several products to ensure that users have a safe working environment. Their all-in-one solution focuses on providing solutions against microbes, microorganisms, and viruses that may spread through touch. The company’s latest line of products also includes an anti-dirt spray that provides enhanced protection against dust build-up.

Let us have a detailed discussion on this coating spray:

MVX Anti Dirt sprays Enhanced Protection

MVX Hi-tech has been developing quality coating products against viruses and dust for several years now and has finally introduced their all-in-one solution against issues like mold, germs, and dirt. Let us talk about the anti dirt properties of this spray and why you need to coat the surrounding with it.

Dirt- Why Do You Need To Remove It?

Following are some of the reasons why you should try the anti-dirt spray to keep your surroundings clean from potential germs and dust build-up.

Dirt is a bit more complex than a pile of dust that’s been sitting around. The size of the dirt particles determines their hazards to human life. Apart from being bad to look at, the finest dust particles cause a lot of damage to human health. These particles are small enough to be inhaled through the mouth or the nose.

However, they are not big enough to exit the lungs on their own. While the nose hair and filters in the respiratory system filter out some of this dirt, inhaling high amounts of it could cause health complications. Fortunately, MXV Hi Tech provides its customers will an all-in-one solution against such dangers with its anti-dust spray.

Types of Dirt Particles

MVX anti dirt spray has been tested and developed to protect against all kinds of dust particles. However, the following are the types of dirt particles you should know about.

Nano Particles

The Nano dirt particles are the smallest ones and also the most harmful ones. They are dangerous because they enter the bloodstream directly through the lung membrane. Unfortunately, normal protective gear does not safeguard against this dust type. However, MVX anti dust spray provides complete protection against it through its long-lasting coat formula.

Toxic Dust

Metals such as lead, mercury, chromium, which are toxic, can produce toxic dust during industrial processes. It is quite common in industries with metallurgic processes. However, the MVX anti dirt spray forms a protective layer on the items it is sprayed on and prevents the toxic dust from gathering on it.

Nuisance Dust

This kind of dust usually comes from items like paper and cement can cause a lot of discomfort in breathing and throughout the respiratory system. Fortunately, using MVX anti dirt spray with enhanced protection ensures that your commercial spaces like schools, hospitals, warehouses, etc remain clear of all kinds of dangerous particles including dirt.

Anti Dirt Spray: What Features Does It Have?

Now that we have talked about how the MVX anti dirt product can help you, let us have a look at other features that MVX Hi tech added with its all-in-one spray.

  • Anti Microbial
  • Anti Viral
  • Anti Mold
  • Anti bacterial

Anti Microbial

The antimicrobial protection with the MVX anti dirt spray also ensures that the enhanced protective coating protects against all kinds of microbes that may contaminate your commercial places. This makes it an ideal pick for places like the hospital where there is always a chance of contracting illnesses.

Anti Viral

Various contagious viruses like influenza, human papillomavirus (HPV), infectious mononucleosis are all serious concerns. It is why the MVX anti dirt coating also protects a wide range of viruses that may spread through contact. Factory workers, hospitality industry workers, or other places with a higher number of people can take benefit from the anti-dirt products’ additional features.

Anti Mold

Mold is a serious concern for hospitals, hotels, offices, schools, and all most every kind of commercial setting. Mold can trap dirt and germs making it a serious health concern. However, MVX anti dirt spray forms a protective layer that repels water for hours after use. This significantly reduces the chances of mold build-up.

Anti Bacterial

Bacteria are one of the most common reasons for illnesses around the world, and insufficient protection against the bacteria can impact human health. Therefore, MVX Hi Tech also provides anti bacterial properties with its anti dirt product when you coat it around your surroundings. You can read more about the full anti bacterial properties here.

Get Enhanced Protection with MVX Anti Dirt Spray Today!

MVX Hi Tech provides world-class protection against all kinds of dangers including viral, bacteria, dust, mold, and dirt. All you need to do is spray it on the surfaces you wish to protect and the advanced formula with Zeolite will protect you.