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Anti Smell Sprays: Why Invest in Them?

Poor smell can compromise the overall reputation and look of a professional setting. Whether it is an office, a restaurant, a school, or a gym, it needs to smell fresh. While there are various things like opening windows or using detergents that you can do, they aren’t effective in the long run. This is where anti smell sprays come in handy.

An Anti Smell Spray focuses on neutralizing unwanted odors in the atmosphere. Moreover, using air fresheners does not suit everyone because there is a chance that someone may be allergic to them.

MVX Anti Smell sprays Enhanced Protection: What Smells does it neutralize?

MVX anti smell spray is the all-in-one solution for enhanced protection against all sorts of odor issues. The formula in the MVX anti smell spray protects against microbes, germs, and several other viruses that may impact human health.

Additionally, there are several other germs that can spread through skin contact, resulting in infections or sickness. The risk of dealing with these kinds of germs has increased significantly ever since the pandemic. Thus, it is important to protect yourself from these transmitted diseases with enhanced protection.

The MVX anti smell spray by MVX Hi Tech protects against several diseases and neutralizes a wide range of discomforting odors in commercial settings. These smells include:

Stinky Dishwashers

Dishwashers in a school cafeteria or restaurants can develop a discomforting smell if not handled properly. These smells can make the surroundings contaminated and difficult to stay in. Fortunately, MVX anti-smell spray helps minimize this odor by neutralizing it with its advanced formula.

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal has one of the worst smells in commercial places because you never know what reeking things the disposal may have. Luckily, the MVX anti smell spray helps minimize this spray by containing the smell and stopping it from propagating further ahead.


The fridge can also develop funky smells if food items spill in the refrigerator. The spilled food can cause a discomfort stink in the fridge which can spread to other food items in your kitchen or pantry. Therefore, using a smell neutralizing product on the fridge can help.

Stinky Carpet

A stinky carpet is quite common in commercial places. While detailed carpet washes are a good idea, you cannot do them frequently. It is why MVX anti smell product is the best way to minimize this stink without giving it to the washers. All you need to do is spray it on the surface, and the enhanced protection will do the rest.

New Furniture

You may have experienced a weird smell if you have just set your office up or opened a restaurant. Know that most people will not admire this smell, so, you should neutralize it. Spraying air fresheners on furniture can damage the surface, which is why the MVX anti smell spray is the best way to minimize this problem.

Smelly Closet and Sheet

Professional motels and hotels need to ensure that their rooms look clean and presentable for future guests. It is why using an anti-smell spray as a smell neutralizer can help you keep your hotel indoors fresh for upcoming visitors.


Moisture can cause an uncomfortable odor in your rooms and can make it suffocating for people inside. This applies to situations like cinemas or schools when they stay empty for long periods. However, a good anti smell from a reliable company like Hi Tech reduces the odor.

Anti Mold Spray: What Features Does It Have?

Now that we have mentioned some of the most common places where you may need to use the anti smell spray, have a look at what MVX anti smell spray has for its users. But first, let us overview the all-in-one spray for customers.

The MVX Anti Smell spray has all the anti bacterial, anti viral, and anti mold properties that MVX Hi Tech has a reputation for. However, an additional benefit of their spray is the anti smell formula. It can target almost any odor and neutralize it. It doesn’t matter how long the odor has been there, because the MVX anti smell spray will eliminate it. Just make sure you remove the smell source if it is portable like a dirty clothes basket or some other item.

The MVX anti smell product also has an eco-friendly formula, which makes it highly applicable in all sorts of places, without worrying about damaging upholsteries and furniture. You can find the instructions for using the anti-smell spray when you purchase it.

The following table represents the effectiveness of the MVX anti smell spray for users.

FunctionResultsMethodTest association


Air purification

Ammonia gas

Coated surface

Vinyl chloride

3 Hours the gas 63% removal

15 Hours  the gas 97%removal

Gasbag test


Hiroshima Environmental Health Association


(odor neutral)

3 Hours the gas 65% removal

15 Hours  the gas 97%removal

H2S (acidic smelly)

3 Hours the gas 60% removal

15 Hours  the gas 95%removal

Formaldehyde3 Hours the gas 94% removal
Acetaldehyde3 Hours the gas 86% removal

3 Hours the gas 65% removal

6 Hours  the gas 98%removal

Styrene3 Hours the gas 96% removal
Xylene3 Hours the gas 90% removal

3 Hours the gas 75.6% removal

6 Hours  the gas 92%removal

P-Di chlorobenzene3 Hours the gas 88% removal


Get Enhanced Protection with MVX Anti Smell Spray Today!

MVX anti smell spray is the best option for commercial places that experience poor odor. Its formula dissolves odor-forming molecules by decomposing them. It also targets bacteria and viruses that are present in these places, to provide a cleaner and healthier surrounding.